Fallen wood or dead in cocoa growing areas is transformed into furnished and appliances with high added value. This is because in addition to the sustainable process of producing wood furniture without felling trees, taking care even to remove them from the weeds without harming the cocoa plantations and other nearby trees, the Camacã invests in training its professionals, who work meticulously piece by piece, by hand, creating unique and beautiful pieces.

The pieces of Camacã, which can also be custom, are classified as:

Organic: The design and the tree itself format defines its use. Often these pieces are made ??from fallen trees long ago but that even aged, have not lost their qualities. On the contrary, in spite of droughts, preserve the core, the most durable and beautiful part of the wood. These furniture are unique pieces, " One of a Kind ", which enable the customer has a unique and differentiated piece. Upon reaching the field, these parts undergo a drying process and cleaning, then a thorough treatment and various types of sandpaper cuts and that will be the final mold.

The Camacã seeks to maintain the characteristics of genuine wood, using natural waxes such as carnauba wax and bee, only enhance their origins.

Serials: The pieces are made ??in series, many of them from project architects and renowned designers in the market. For this, we used the trunk of dead wood, after shredded, serve as a raw material. Because it is hardwood, first quality, this mobile can be done for internal and external areas.

Sculptures: They are works of art sculpted by nature, with minimal human intervention possible. They are usually roots, stems, vines or branches that after a thorough treatment reveal surprising and striking forms. So they are made ??parts such as trays, coasters, ashtrays, among others.