Atlantic Forest In Danger

 Known for its natural beauty, the South of Bahia is also stronghold of the second largest Atlantic Forest reserve in Brazil. A great ally of this biome is the Cabruca system cultivation of cocoa, which preserves large trees, as it only removes the herbaceous vegetation for planting. This same environmental commitment, which seeks to preserve the exuberance of this natural heritage, governing the business of Camacã Design. Its raw material is dead or fallen tree and its motto, the production without deforestation furniture. Proof of this is the result of all the work of Camacã, starting at its plant in the south of Bahia, where the Cabruca also helps to preserve the Atlantic Forest and its biodiversity.

From the identification and licensed dead wood collection is given the start for the production of furniture and beautiful decorative items. Understanding the importance of preserving the Atlantic Forest, the Camacã Design bet in the dissemination of their work as a way to strengthen the safety net in this ecosystem which is now reduced to only 7% of its original cover. Their exploitation date of the colonization of Brazil and today there are still many threats to it, and consequently the fauna that houses. There are several species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, as well as species that can be extinguished. It goes without saying in weather and natural losses that so many evils have brought to man.

It is important to note that one of the major biomes on the planet is in danger. The natural resource is finite and exploit it for commercial purposes is a stopgap solution that brings the environmental problem that already reflected in our day-to-day, even if gradually. In order to stop this irrational exploitation, we created Camacã Design, and as a raw material, exclusively, the dead wood and fallen in cocoa growing areas. The Camacã recognizes the role of ecological entities like Cabruca Institute, the Living Forest, the SOS Atlantic Forest, among others.

The company believes that its work and the serious and responsible NGOs such as those cited above, may decrease or stop the irrational logging of the Atlantic Forest in southern Bahia. With the work of Camacã Design show that the planet is losing a valuable asset, if used responsibly, can leverage the emergence of a furniture industry based on sustainable development.

Sincerely, Maia Filho