The Camacã Design is the first company in Brazil to obtain wood licensed the Atlantic Forest for legal production of furniture and decorative items. Its differential? The raw material: deadwood naturally. The company is located at Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fátima, at km 586 of BR 101, in the municipality of Camacan, Bahia. Its production is geared for furniture and fixtures in native wood, originating in the ecosystem Cabruca, regional denomination of southern Bahia for cocoa planting native forest. In this system, only the herbaceous vegetation is removed, since the big trees of the Atlantic Forest and its biodiversity are preserved. These are trees, responsible for shading cacao, when killed, will serve as raw material for Camacã.

Of Indian origin, the word "Camacã" means the esterculiáceas family tree. Native to South America, is known for its hairy leaves and forage and its yellow flowers and purple-dark capsules, with edible seeds, whose bark is extracted fiber for cordage. Found in the south of Bahia, this tree gave its name to a local indigenous tribe, the Camacãs, which later merged with pataxós stock stock Haes, still living in the region.

Not coincidentally the name was chosen to represent our company. It expresses not only a tribute to the city that houses the factory, Camacan, but also ideal conservationists governing the relationships of indigenous peoples with their habitat. Not to mention the fact that allude to a native tree brand's environmental commitment Camacã Design in Wood.

The Camacã not deforest. Its raw material is the dead tree, wood certified and registered with the Environmental Agency. Here, branches, trunks and roots discarded naturally by nature are transformed into beautiful pieces. Tables, chairs, dressers, either mobile or sundries decoration, the law is the same: the environmental preservation. Another innovation is due to the "Chain of Custody", which can allow the customer to identify, in some cases, the origin of wood acquired piece. The Camacã identifies all dead trees and has worked for the process extends to all stages of production.

The message is clear: have this nature in your home, without damaging it. The Camacã combines your style preservationist a bold and distinctive design. Check it!